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There is an art to living life well - one that is supported by our self-care routines. These self disciplines, when exercised daily, result in our overall wellness. This you know. But insert herbal potions and you'll be super charging your longterm health - and your life.

Herbal potions are blends of powdered herbs meant to be enjoyed daily. They may be designed for any health need; from blends for energy, detoxing, relaxing, nourishing, and repairing. There are infinite blend possibilities and benefits. 

The ritual of consuming herbal potions is, in part, what makes it so special. For some, the ritual of preparing your tonic in the early hours help to set the stage for continued self-care throughout the day. For another, this herbal ritual may be slotted in the afternoon break, where taking a few moments to sip an energizing blend of Matcha and Siberian Ginseng help to carry them into the evening hours productive and present. 

Whatever the need - there is an herbal potion to assist. 

Here are a few of our herbal blends to consider for your enjoyment + for your personal health endeavors:

Love Tonic
This version of hot cocoa is unlike any other you've experienced; heart opening, dopamine producing, love inducing + energizing.   

Raw cacao, damiana leaf, mucuna purines, maca, arjuna, rose petal, tocos, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper, vanilla

Blend one tbsp with liquid of choice (nut milk or water - either hot or cold), honey, ghee and/or coconut oil. Enjoy

This blend of special spices will help reduce inflammation, stave off chronic disease and aid digestion and absorption of nutrients.

turmeric root , ginger root and black pepper.  

Blend one tsp with liquid of choice (nut milk or water either hot or cold), honey, ghee and/or coconut oil. Enjoy
A calming blend that works immediately. Made with the ultra calming, tongue numbing kava root.  Enjoy anytime relaxation or decompression is needed. 

Kava root, cinnamon, nutmeg

Blend one tsp with liquid of choice (nut milk or water), honey, ghee and/or coconut oil. Enjoy

All blends are available for purchase at our shop or online.


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